About Us

Our Approach

We provide professional, cost effective strategy, logistics and coordination for entertainment industry shows and specials, as well as corporate events, with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Passion for serving! We started with an idea that service and experience should be a part of any business model. There has always been a need for consistency, communication, and a common goal of success.  From the load-in to show day, there are so many levels of disconnect, we wanted to be a small idea in the big picture.  Everyone is valuable, everyone needs information, and everyone wants to succeed.  With that in mind, we launched Luminary.  

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Luminary Leadership

Our focus is on our values, our customers, and our team members

Patty Roseth

Founder & CEO

With over 20 years of administration experience, most recently in the entertainment industry, Patty brings a "can do", approachable attitude, a focus on detail, and exceptional management skills to any project. She can see the big picture, anticipate needs, and address any issues that may arise, all while maintaining open communication and a professional demeanor.  

Kathy Page

Vice President

Kathy is a professional with an extremely high work ethic who has worked in close proximity with high-visibility political figures and celebrities for approximately 20 years. Highly experienced in live and recorded programs, Kathy has worked as an on-site manager and is excellent at taking direction and executing instructions in a precise manner. She enjoys working in a team setting to produce a seamless show or event. In her career she has worked in administration, event planning, hospitality, asset protection and entertainment. She is a valuable asset having a security background with extensive experience in crisis management and can maintain order during high stress situations.

Rick Roseth


With over 30 years of sales, marketing, finance a leadership experience, Rick is passionate about serving others and building businesses with a focus on our values, the best customer experience possible and treating our team with the highest level of respect and appreciation.  Without them, we are nothing.

Next Steps...

Our team of professionals are ready and waiting to help you when you're ready!